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In loving memory of Ernest Borgnine, a talented actor and one of our favorite customers at AlphaFlex®.


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  • I didn’t know what to expect when I started using AlphaFlex – it made a big difference. I feel that it would benefit anyone; I’ve noticed nothing but good things in my life after I started using AlphaFlex.
    Dean ListerAbsolute World Champion and King of the Cage
  • Once I found AlphaFlex, that was it. [If] AlphaFlex worked for me, definitely, trust me…it can work for you.
    David GraysonFormer Professional Linebacker
  • Since I’ve been using AlphaFlex, I haven’t used anything else.
    Ray NortonFour Time World Record Holder
  • If I get a 2 ½ hour workout in, I feel pretty good. I feel like a broke a good sweat and I feel good. Without AlphaFlex, I couldn’t do that. […] I’d recommend anybody to take AlphaFlex.
    Jim OttoFormer Professional Football Center


If you are suffering from joint pain due to age, illness or physical activity, then AlphaFlex® can work for you. Athletes find that AlphaFlex® lessens muscle swelling and quickens their healing time, while those with arthritis report a noticeable reduction in redness, swelling and inflammation. Chronic pain suffers find that their symptoms become more manageable, and many consumers report an overall improvement in their sleeping patterns. Our clinical research has shown that AlphaFlex® helps improve muscle and joint health associated with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.


AlphaFlex® doesn’t block minor pain like a pain reliever, but provides the body with an important nutritional element that is used to repair damaged tissue and reduce inflammation. The healing properties of AlphaFlex® work over time, supplying the body with the necessary supplements to relieve discomfort and promote future joint and muscle health. AlphaFlex® actually helps the healing process, rather than simply distracting us from our minor pain.


AlphaFlex® believes that relief can be all natural, and that’s why Omega-5 plays such an important role in the makeup of AlphaFlex® . The Omega-5 fatty acid in AlphaFlex®  forms a protective barrier around our cellular membranes to keep our joints and muscles healthy, providing us with essential nutrition that our bodies use to repair damaged tissue. Unlike harsh pharmaceuticals, AlphaFlex®  is safe, natural and supplies us with an important nutritional element that works to improve our health. With better health we have fewer aches and pains, allowing us to live our lives unburdened by fatigue.