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What is AlphaFlex?

Both our AlphaFlex capsules and topical lotion contain patented and proprietary formulations of a natural Omega-5 fatty acid ester. Our clinical research has shown that AlphaFlex helps improve muscle and joint health associated with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

What makes AlphaFlex with Omega-5e, so much better than other liniments and rubs?

The Omega-5 fatty acid in AlphaFlex provides important structural components of our cellular membranes. These structural components are like bricks we build our homes with... they form a protective barrier that keeps us warm and safe. Fatty acids are the "bricks" in our cell walls that keep foreign molecules, viruses, yeasts, fungi and bacteria outside and all our cellular protoplasm inside. Rubs are designed to distract us from the soreness and discomfort we feel from arthritis and overuse. Daily dosing of fatty acids provides essential nutrition that our bodies use to repair damaged tissue. AlphaFlex actually helps the healing process rather than simply distracting us from our pain. Download white paper on differences between AlphaFlex and other commercially available liniments.

Is everything out there just about the same?

Fatty Acids are essential in every cell of your body... They represent critical components of our cells. Without them life is impossible. When they are deficient, we suffer from a wide variety of health issues.
Menthol and other hot or cold liniment rubs distract us from our inner pain and do nothing nutritionally to solve a problem or heal damaged tissue.
Pain Killers block the nerve pathways and like liniments do nothing nutritionally to solve a problem or heal damaged tissue.
MSM is an excellent source of sulfur, an element that is essential to a healthy body... If you need sulfur and take MSM it will definitely help you, but it cannot take the place of a fatty acid or a deficient vitamin or mineral.
Glucosamine is a polysaccharide, a very large complex sugar. The body does not increase its natural glucosamine stores when you supplement with glucosamine. The body instead makes glucosamine from sugars, proteins and carbohydrates that we consume in our diet. If you want better glucosamine in your body then make sure your diet includes the proper building blocks to make it, such as: amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates. In addition glucosamine is a sugar and diabetics should not supplement with sugar based products.

Can there be life without Fatty acids?

Will the Fatty Acid Omega-5e make me gain weight?

NO. In fact, just the opposite is true. Because of the critical role fatty acids play in human nutrition it is likely that they may help you lose weight.

How much AlphaFlex should I take?

That depends on many factors like your overall health and your weight. You've probably heard, "The more you take, the better you feel," that's because fatty acids play such an important role in our health. Omega-5e also may help to correct the likely fatty acid imbalance you have caused from ingesting too many Omega-6's... as this balance is corrected you should see improvements in many areas of your health.

How is AlphaFlex different from regular painkillers like aspirin and ibuprofen?

First of all, AlphaFlex does not block pain like a pain reliever... AlphaFlex works by providing the body with an important nutritional element that our bodies use to repair damaged tissue. Second, all pain relievers are toxic with long-term use; AlphaFlex is not toxic but instead adds an important nutritional element that works to improve our health. With better health, we have fewer aches and pains.

One of the first things I noticed when I started using AlphaFlex is that I slept better, why is that?

Our clinical trials showed that patients using AlphaFlex felt better all over; because they feel better they sleep better.

How long does AlphaFlex take to work?

The topical lotion is a liniment and works quickly, usually within an hour or so. When you have pain or a strain, apply the lotion and enjoy its benefits almost immediately. AlphaFlex capsules, as a dietary supplement, work over time and provide nutritional elements that help our bodies repair damaged tissue. When used together, you get maximum results.

How does AlphaFlex compare to Glucosamine or MSM?

AlphaFlex is clearly superior to glucosamine and MSM... All patients that completed our clinical research showed significant reductions in pain and inflammation. MSM works because it is a good source of sulfur, another important nutritional element in our bodies. If we are low in sulfur, dosing on MSM is going to help us. It is theorized that glucosamine works in a similar fashion but clinical evidence is pointing to non-efficacy.

Is AlphaFlex the answer to solving all muscle and joint discomfort?

NO. AlphaFlex works synergistically with proper nutrition, diet and exercise to help improve muscle and joint health; it is not a "fix-all". Eat right, exercise, lose weight if that is an issue and take AlphaFlex everyday to maximize your muscle and joint health.

You say AlphaFlex contains Omega-5 fatty acid ester; what does that mean?

Omega-5 is Myristoleic Acid that is naturally in all of us. When Omega-5 is combined with Cetyl Alcohol, it becomes a hybrid (ester) of Omega-5 that we call Omega-5e (the "e" stands for ester).

How effective is Glucosamine; really?

Not Very Effective.

Are all Fatty Acids the same?

NO. Omega-3 and 5 are anti-inflammatory and analgesic by nature. Omega-5e is far more anti-inflammatory than Omega-3. Omega-6 is inflammatory, the opposite of Omega-3 and 5. Our bodies must have both anti-inflammatory and inflammatory fatty acids to function properly. There is an important balance in our bodies between the anti-inflammatory and the inflammatory fatty acids and in most people, this balance is "out-of-balance"... too many 6's. AlphaFlex helps correct this imbalance because of its superior anti-inflammatory attributes.

Has AlphaFlex completed any research?

YES. SLSI has completed extensive research on the anti-inflammatory and preventative effects of Omega-5e in rheumatoid arthritis and a 70 patient human trial on rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.