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AlphaFlex® with Omega-5e Muscle & Joint is a unique formulation of clinically proven to support the health of muscles, joints, tendons, cartilage, bone, and skin.

It is your daily dose of inflammation-fighting essential fatty acid and nutrients that go beyond the relief of muscle inflammation and joint discomfort.

Reducing inflammation throughout the body is a major step toward vital wellness, and the beneficial value of AlphaFlex® goes above and beyond.

AlphaFlex with Omega-5e comes in an enteric coated capsule which makes these powerful omegas more bioavailable as the product bypasses the stomach and is absorbed into the body from the small intestines.

Inflammation is not a symptom, but the immune system’s response to stresses on the body from the environment, lifestyle, and disease. These things pile on and take their toll as chronic inflammation, which weakens immunity and leads to everything from lack of energy to life-robbing disease, making the relief Omega-5e can provide essentially for optimum health

Customize Omega-5e dosage to meet your needs. Take proactively prior to exercise or sleep for better comfort.

90 Gel Tablets

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