AlphaFlex® vs. OmegaXL

Larry King’s endorsement has provided OmegaXL with a great deal of notoriety, but does it really stand up against the anti-inflammatory power of AlphaFlex®? We’ll break down the product differences, and show you exactly why AlphaFlex® is so effective.

1.) The active ingredient in AlphaFlex® is Omega-5ᵉ, whereas the active ingredient in OmegaXL is Omega-3.

So what’s the difference between Omega-5ᵉ and Omega-3? While both of these Omegas have been tested and found to be powerful anti-inflammatory agents, Omega-5ᵉ has been identified as the superior supplement. Countless clinical trials have shown that not only is Omega-5ᵉ more effective, but it actually repairs and rebuilds joint and muscle damage, rather than just treating it.

The developers of AlphaFlex® with Omega-5ᵉ state, “We have focused on making this powerful Omega oil more effective by increasing its bio-availability…to maximize its absorption and utilization by our bodies so we can receive its maximum benefits.” Omega-5ᵉ is not only more effective because of its components, but because of the way that it is absorbed into the body.

Omega-5ᵉ has been shown to provide natural support that significantly reduces minor pain and inflammation. In a recent clinical trial, 92% of patients saw a reduction in their minor pain and inflammation. We believe that Omega-5ᵉ will be the “Gold Standard” of the Omegas, offering greater benefits…and greater relief than other natural supplements. Omega-5ᵉ eclipses many of Omega-3’s benefits as it relates to providing an effective nutrient that supports improved muscle and joint health while relieving minor aches and pains.

2.) The Omega-5ᵉ in AlphaFlex® is derived from the African Nutmeg Plant and the tallow of animals, whereas the Omega-3 in OmegaXL is derived from Mussels.

This means that, unlike OmegaXL, AlphaFlex® is safe for people with shellfish allergies, and it is more effective (and safe) than fish oil supplements!

While fish oil supplements may be considered to be an alternative of both AlphaFlex® and OmegaXL, most doctors recommend that those with shellfish allergies stay away from fish oil supplements, as they could possibly contain shellfish.

3.) Both AlphaFlex® and OmegaXL offer a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

However, we were surprised to see that OmegaXL customers have had difficulties receiving their money back. Not only that, but many customers have had difficulty cancelling their OmegaXL orders altogether, and were continually charged after they attempted to cancel! The bad taste left in the mouths of OmegaXL customers isn’t just fish oil – it’s the reputation of the company.

You won’t continue to buy AlphaFlex® because you’re not allowed to say no… you’ll continue to buy AlphaFlex® because it is one of the most powerful, natural anti-inflammatory supplements on the market.

The unsavory track record of OmegaXL might suggest that XL stands for the fattening of their wallets, not the fatty acid supplements that heal your muscles and joints.

When AlphaFlex® says 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, we mean it.

At AlphaFlex®, we aren’t trying to trick our people into buying our product; we are giving them the opportunity to discover the health benefits of Alphaflex® without worrying about monetary restraints.

So, is OmegaXL worth the hype? Although studies show that Omega-3 does indeed provide some type of relief for swelling and inflammation, it pales in comparison to the effectiveness of Omega-5ᵉ. The less-than-positive reputation of OmegaXL and Great HealthWorks, OmegaXl’s parent company, reflects poorly on their operations as a business and their lack of desire to truly assist the customer.

Why leave your health up to chance? Give AlphaFlex® a try, and breathe easy knowing that you’re making an informed decision.

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