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 By David R. Eckes, MD, ABFP

If you’re an athlete, an active person, or a senior with any muscle or joint issues, learn what others have done to address their discomfort and manage their pain. Discover what athletes and others do to reduce or eliminate symptoms and improve their overall wellbeing.

Topics Include:

    • Physiologically – what happens with soft-tissue injuries
    • The good and bad of inflammation
    • The Ultimate Therapeutic Goal: R.I.C.E.M.
    • Priority steps to reduce injury pain
    • Pros and cons of aspirin and NSAIDs to relieve pain
    • Side effects of pain relievers
    • Supplements versus topical treatments
    • How the nervous system perceives pain
    • Over the counter pain relievers – reviewed
    • What baseball players, golfers, tri-athletes, gymnasts use
    • Natural inflammation fighters
the battered athlete