• Inflammation Control Part 2.

    From Free Radicals to Periodontal Disease –   As we continue our deep dive into inflammation you will learn some surprising facts that may contribute to your aches and pains. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to reduce inflammation but that all begins with education. In this session we will answer questions such
  • Inflammation Control – Part 1.

    In our next few articles we will take you into a deeper understanding of the foundation of inflammation. We will answer questions such as: What is inflammation? What is good about inflammation and bad? What are the primary causes of inflammation? What can we do about inflammation? “Instead of different treatments for heart disease, Alzheimer’s,
  • How to Leave the Inflammation Nation

    Simple Tips to Eliminate Bad Health and Turn Down the Flame!  We’re a nation full of people struggling with health issues and way too many of these health problems have a foundation in inflammation. So what can you do? Real simple. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” says the Chinese
  • Flame On!

    STRESS IT – Ready to stop that burn out feeling and do a better job of managing pain? Then think about these questions…  How will you take on the day? What can you do to be fully present today? What is going to keep you calm and conscious today? There are plenty of things you can
  • Athletes and Exercise: Fighting Back Against Inflammation

    Athletes are some of the most common sufferers of chronic inflammation. Muscle soreness, joint pain, and fatigue may follow a particularly exhausting workout, and symptoms may continue for an extended period of time with little reprieve. Inflammation is not only painful, but it slows recovery time and hinders performance progress, especially in those who may
  • 15 Ways to Maintain Your Health

    Inflammation reduction begins with a healthy lifestyle. So, let’s look at the obvious and not-so-obvious. We’ve all heard the phrase, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but is there really scientific evidence proving that a mere apple can keep you healthy? Probably not. But, apples are nutritious and provide our bodies with essential
  • The AlphaFlex® Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Learning How to Eat

    It all changed in the 1970’s. As Americans began to gain weight from the consumption of processed foods, there was a sudden need to call for an adjustment in our diets – namely, to reduce our fat intake. In an attempt to continue to sell highly processed foods, the food industry started marketing “fat-free” products
  • Top 5 Anti-Inflammatory Myths

    There are a lot of different “cures” for inflammation. Whether you’re sifting through ancient Chinese anti-inflammatory herbs or testing out a new exercise routine, various myths surrounding inflammation continue to plague the health community. Don’t worry. AlphaFlex® is here to set the facts straight. Myth #1: All Anti-Inflammatory Medications have minimal side effects Unfortunately, this
  • AlphaFlex® vs. OmegaXL

    Larry King’s endorsement has provided OmegaXL with a great deal of notoriety, but does it really stand up against the anti-inflammatory power of AlphaFlex®? We’ll break down the product differences, and show you exactly why AlphaFlex® is so effective. 1.) The active ingredient in AlphaFlex® is Omega-5ᵉ, whereas the active ingredient in OmegaXL is Omega-3.
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