Flame On!

STRESS IT – Ready to stop that burn out feeling and do a better job of managing pain? Then think about these questions…  How will you take on the day? What can you do to be fully present today? What is going to keep you calm and conscious today? There are plenty of things you can do to reduce your stress so don’t make this more complicated than it needs to be. Exercise works. Laughter is contagious. A good social life is very helpful. Here are a few more stress reducing (and therefore) inflammation reducing ideas… 

FEED IT – What if, what you put into your body is fueling inflammation. Take a minute to assess your diet and find a way to take the first steps towards reducing the fire that fosters inflammation. More on this to come in a future blog post.

MEDICATE IT – when you’re in pain, you’ll do anything you can to reduce it. Right? And… we imagine you do your homework and know what pharmaceuticals can do for you and to you. What if, the medication you are taking today is adding to the aches and pains of tomorrow? When you don’t know the side effects of what you’re taking, your long-term wellbeing is at risk. 

SWEETEN IT – Some have said that sugar should be called a hazardous material since it has so many negative health impacts. If you look at everything you eat today and consider the amount of sugar going into your body, you might start to see the benefits of reducing or eliminating this painful pleasure that may be fueling your pain. Plenty of studies have tied sugar to inflammation. Do your own study. Go sugar free for 30 days and see how you feel.

IGNORE IT – The worst thing we ALL do is ignore the obvious. Ignoring a health issue doesn’t make it go away. Inflammation is a body’s natural response to a problem. Inflammation is how the body begins to heal an ailment but if the root cause of the inflammation is not addressed, the solution can sometimes become a part of the problem.

So here is our challenge to you. Get Your Game on by Turning Your Flame Off! Cut out the fuel. In many cases, inflammation can be reduced or eliminated.  But here’s the secret: Don’t procrastinate, investigate!

We know health issues can be overwhelming so we encourage you to take some small steps towards living an even better life. Find one area on the five things mentioned above and take a stand. Commit to doing one thing for the next 30 days to see if you can reduce pain caused by inflammation a bit. We think you’ll be surprised.

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