At AlphaFlex®, we believe that understanding the science behind AlphaFlex® is just as important as how well AlphaFlex® functions. The proper balance of Omega oils, known as essential fatty acids (EFAs), is critical to your brain development, immune system function, and blood pressure regulation There are two basic types of Omega oils; one type that helps your body remove excess inflammation, and one type that helps your body inflame if you are hurt.  

These types of Omega oils must be in balance to keep us healthy. The problem arises, however, when a large amount of the inflammation-promoting Omegas (like Omega-6) show up in our diets that are rich in processed, refined, and deep fried foods.



The processed and refined foods we consume today go through countless alterations – all before  reaching our dinner table. Because of our restricted and over-processed diets, many of us are consuming far too many of these inflammation-promoting Omegas without consuming the necessary combatant Omegas to maintain our health.

“When our Omega oils are out of balance our bodies are less effective at creating the proper immune response, allowing inflammation to flare out of control.”



The abundance of inflammation-promoting Omegas in our diets places us in an imbalanced, inflamed state. This can be cited as the reason for many of our aches and pains. The main objective is to maintain a healthy inflammation response with the optimal combination of these essential oils. That’s where AlphaFlex® comes in.


AlphaFlex® – Your Daily Dose of Inflammation Fighting Omegas

Not only does AlphaFlex  provide you with the necessary Omegas to create that harmonic balance in your body it works to repair muscle inflammation and reduce swelling, rather than just masking it like many common pain relievers.

AlphaFlex® is an essential fatty acid that also targets and improves the overall health of your joints and ligaments, allowing for an increase in mobility and a relief of discomfort. There are no useless, toxic fillers – only ingredients that are effective for muscle and joint health.



    • Athletes – professionals and weekend warriors
    • Seniors – those suffering from age-related aches and pains
    • Anyone – dealing with life’s minor muscle and joint issues
    • Kids – sore from playing sports while their bodies are developing

Whether it’s repairing joint and tissue damage, relieving discomfort and swelling, or simply maintaining one’s health, AlphaFlex® has a multitude of benefits for people of all backgrounds, ages and activity levels

At AlphaFlex®, we have dedicated ourselves to creating an effective alternative for relief that is safe, restorative and, most importantly, natural.

We make it easy for you to try AlphaFlex with our 90 day Guarantee. Order here.


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